Participant Application

If you are interested in participating, please click the button below and fill in an application form. We will then contact you by telephone to tell you more about the study, to answer any questions you might have and to informally get your consent to participate. If you are willing to participate in the research, we will send you an information leaflet and an appointment will be made for your family to visit the lab in Trinity College.  When you visit, you will be asked to sign a consent form, indicating that you have read the information leaflet, had any questions answered and are happy to participate in the study. Alternatively, you can contact us via telephone, Facebook, or email (see Contact Us).

Currently, we are looking for families with toddlers aged 22-26 months, with two parents speaking English as a first language, where both parents are available to visit the lab (any day of the week, including weekends). However we would also like to hear from all families interested in taking part in future studies, including bilingual, multilingual, and single parent families.